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Power is a dangerous tool to have as part of your utility belt. How one uses that power make a big difference in the outcome of their daily works. As the old proverb says…

With great power, comes great responsibility.

There are two kinds of power we can see being enforced around us:

Position Power: Power that comes with a job title or role. Different positions come with different powers and privileges, you can order people around and do things whether people like it or not.

Attained Power: Power you gain based on your persona or the person you are. Everywhere you look you see people who have no title but they are influential and are looked up to by many. These are the genuine leaders, the men and women that have grown, molded and shaped themselves into a set of qualities and have the evolved their personality to put other first.

The leader of today is the one who asks questions, listens carefully, plans diligently and then builds consensus among all those who are necessary for achieving the goals. The leader does not try to do it by him or herself. The leader gets things done by helping others to do them.

What you as a person decides to do with it is up to you and it does make a difference.

These are some traits that I personally believe are hurting our nation and are needed to provide real leadership for us to move forward.

More so than any other time, today we need a Government that will have vision. Not just a vision for their 5 years in office but with vision that will make our country one that will be prosperous for one and all not just a selected few. Leaders have the ability to stand back and see the big picture. Followers are caught up in day-to-day activities. Our Governments are made up of followers not leaders.

We need leaders that can keep their eyes on the horizon and not focus on the ground they are standing on.

We need politicians with this trait more than ever. Our system has lost even the shadow that once was. We need leadership that will do any and everything to put our country and it’s people first. We need a party when at the end of their term, they can hold their head up high and when asked, Did you do your very best? will say Yes! and when asked Could have done it better? will answer No, I did everything I possibly could. and will do so because it’s true not just because you think it’s true.

Integrity means that you deal straightforwardly with people and situations and that you do not compromise what you believe to be true

We need a Government that has the courage to step up to the plate and swing away. We need people who can say, this is our country, we know what is best for us and we will do what’s best for us. We need leaders that will not be afraid of walking into the unknown and be pioneers in their plans and endeavors but rather grasp the unknown and mold it to our advantage.

We need leaders that will stand steadfast to their values and visions.

We need a Government that will see things for what they really are and not what they want it to be, we do not need people who live in fantasy island and that are self-delusional.

True leaders look at life for what it really is and encourages others to do the same. Until we learn to do that, we will always see things the way we want them to be and there will be no change.

We need our leaders to deal with people honestly and tell them exactly what they perceive to be the truth. This doesn’t mean that you will always be right, but you will always be expressing the truth in the best way you know how.

The biggest and hardest quality and the one we need the most. We need leaders that will not pass the buck around for someone else to deal with and will not find faults in the past but one that will accept responsibility and say… The buck stops here!

We live in a world where competition is key, life itself is a competition. But when you decide to base your responsibilities on the basis of someone-elses shortfalls, you have failed at the game of life and as a leader you have failed your people.

Everyone makes mistakes, a true leader will move away from pointing fingers and taking that route. We need leaders that will put the past behind them and take the responsibility to move the country forward and ensuring a future where all its people can survive and be happy.

With that said, we need leaders that can motivate themselves first and foremost to understand and integrate these traits as part of themselves. We need leaders that will ask for nothing more and settle for nothing less than to do their jobs in an excellent and honest manner and be the person that people will want to get behind and support in every way.

Have other traits you think are important or that are missing, share them with us.

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