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For Who?

Politics in Belize is a funny game, one where the winning play always go to one side, the Politicians. It is imperative that Belizeans on a whole learn this important rule “Unless you change your way of playing and educate yourselves, the playing field will never be fair and level.”

With that I leave you these few words:

Our education system has failed us and keeps failing us. The politicians know this and instead of fixing it they exploit it to the last drop.

Second, like I keep saying.. Always ask the important question when you hear a politician talk… For Who?

For Who? Is what 99.99% of political promises, lines, propaganda, whatever you want to call it simply refuse to mention. The system does not lie, it simply does not finish statements.

If you remember one thing from me, remember this… Always ask.. For Who?

In fact as a marvelous friend of mine stated.. Lets make this the official question for this campaign season. After all it’s your right to know the answer to that question and for politicians to finish their statements every time, am I right?

Politicians are always highly optimistic. They believe in following 3 Cs.

  1. Control: with the accumulated experience, they feel that every situation can be controlled. They sometimes cross limits to control the election process itself. With money, they even try to bend the legal system in their favor. Sometimes coercion is also used.
  2. Challenge: they are confident that the current situation can be challenged. Opposition, legal system, people, law and order  can be challenged. Offense is the best defense.
  3. Commitment:  they are committed to earning money while in power anyhow for contesting next election. Senior party members are committed to save juniors.

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