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My thoughts on the handling of crime in Belize

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A bit ago the Government of Belize implemented a plan to fight crime in Belize. In their mind moving high profile criminals out of high crime areas and into areas with the lowest crime rates is the solution to combat the all time high crime pandemic facing Belizeans on a daily basis.
To be honest.. Spreading the same mass over a larger area may seem to lower the amount of mass, but in reality all they are doing is fooling the people into thinking that there is less crime. This is how this crime solution will work out…
  • The areas that had high crime rates will see a lessening of crime for a bit as the criminals are being pushed out of the scene.
  • Others will step in and take the place of those displaced, in due time crime will be right back to the same levels or higher in the areas that the original criminals were displaced from.
  • The displaced criminals, once settled in and comfortable, will create a new sector where criminals will grow and crime will escalate.

What the Government has done is spread the pandemic over a larger area for it to spread and infect other areas and people. When in the world have you seen an epidemic being cured by spreading the infected?Containment and eradication is always the cure to infectious pandemics, which crime is. I am not political fanatic, but I have enough common sense to know when I am being handed a spoon when I asked for a fork and can say that the Government offers no solutions to any of the issues affecting Belize; all they are doing is creating and implementing plans that they can make money from.

To that I must say that I have not seen any real push-back from any of the political parties to find remedies or offer solutions. When these cacameme plans are being brought up, no one stands up and says NO. We do not need half baked ideas that not even the ones who think them up can trust. We need solutions that will be decisive and calculated and ones that will bring the fastest solution.

If it was up to me, I’d say bring back Corporal Punishment (Now I know the human rights people will quickly jump on this, but who feels it knows it and I prefer to hear what the people have to say.).. Let me be specific… Judicial Corporal Punishment.

If someone disregards the human rights of another human, they by proxy waive their rights to have any.

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