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Poli – Tricks

Thought about Governments today, realized they are suckers. The don’t give a damn about people like you and me, they never did. They have authority over us as we dwell in our cells, how long has it been they’ve got us sitting in our home built pens?

We have to get out, we have to grow. We’re not fugitives on the run but yet we have to live like one, locked up in a system that wants us to remain in the slums. But people like me have stepped up and will not run. Public enemy number one, any that oppose become, we could become veterans in their war games, we choose to be fighters for those on the run.

They criticize on some crimes but they will never understand, what we feel and live day to day, hand in hand. The strength is unreal, we keep getting raw deals. You have to realize what is a form of slavery organized under swarms of the devil. The reasons are several most of them central.

A piece may be what it will take for peace. Freedom to get out of the ghetto – no sell out. But we give them their chance because we’re civilized. I’m serious call me delirious, we’re all captives of a new slavery system. Time will tell when we shall rebel, we will break as time grows intense. Cause the more we see the more we hate, the circle seems the same falling down or standing up.

They thinking they have the right to put us down, propaganda hides their scum. Don’t believe what you see, don’t believe what you read. This did not start yesterday. Seek out the truth as it shall set you free.

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4 thoughts on “Poli – Tricks”

  1. you are so right about government. That is what I have been telling people for years. The government only ever does something if it involves money (or retaining power). It is never solely for the “good of the people”, ever. When men get into positions of authority, they almost always turn into power-grubbing scum.

  2. That is so true Sandy. Even when they do undertake something that is good for the people, it has the underlying factor of making themselves money or puts more power in their hands.

  3. Great insights on the this very salient issue.
    The politicians are blood suckers…who suck the life out of our vibrant nation, with their deception and greed. The issue involving Guatemala’s unfounded claim to our sovereign territory and “the enemy from within” our borders acquiescence to this high stakes, zero-sum game, at the potential expense of our nation’s well being.

    In order for our beloved nation to progress, we must extract the poli-tricks and those who perpetuate it. We need a new beginning in Belize, so as to ensure the sanctity of our nation-state. You can take a fundamental step by voting a resounding “NO” to the ICJ on 6th October 2013.

    Belize, Sovereign and Free – NO ICJ!

    1. Well said Paco. I’ve always said that “the only thing democratic about Democracy is the way Tyrants get into power” and it is proving to be true daily more and more. A nation is more easily destroyed from within by it’s own people.

      I wish that one day my fellow Jewelizeans will wake the hell up and see the forest for the trees. I will keep putting the issues in their faces until they open their eyes to it.

      And Yes, I do support the VOTE NO to ICJ for Belize. It is bad on so many levels it’s not funny and Belizeans will wake up one day to a RUDE AWAKENING if they follow politicians like puppies to this one. As far as this is concerned, I think we are used as a Social Experiment for something grander and way more sinister that will spread on to other countries.

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