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Been saying it all along.. Who better to clean up our Belizean house than a Woman.. The people are calling for it

The 2010 Belize Housing and Population Census reveals that in a choice of leadership positions for women:

  • 31875 or 27.4% wants to see the woman as a Prime Minister
  • 21959 or 18.8 % wants to see her as a Minister of Government
  • 17708 or 15.2 % as an Area Representative
  • 17523 or 15.1% as a Councillor
  • 4210 or 12.1% as a CEO/Head of department.

A Senator is 8.3% and others the remaining. The PM leads the pack.

Well you all know I support the female political movement to the max..

I strongly believe that it is the nations best interest to allow the women their turn to do what is right. IF (and that’s a big IF) worst comes to worst (and I have no fear of that happening as I trust the women that have taken a stand) how much more damage can be done over what the machismo mentality has already caused us?

I say none, the damage has already been done.

Time to look past the gender barrier and stand up for our women, be supportive of our women, walk beside our women..

Onward to victory ladies … the future belongs to all of us and I trust that in your hands it will be a positive and fruitful one.

CB tips his hat and takes a bow to you…

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