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Right in your backyard

This week started on a sad note. The start of a hostile takeover of our country by the very people we put all our trust in. While I believe that for a country like Belize, utilities should be owned by the people; I understand that the need for growth is important and it is better left in the hands of private investors; carefully selected investors.

Yesterday we saw the Government of Belize do something that the people will pay dearly for years to come while the parties involved have reaped and will continue to reap huge pay-days from, what I can only amount to a hostile takeover of the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). Belize as it stands is hurting for finance, the Government has to borrow from people retirement fund to pay for companies to stay afloat. How do they expect to manage a broken down company and put money into it to bring it back from where it is? Take more from the people’s future?

In my eyes, I think nationalizing the Interconnecting Fiber would have been a much better plan of action. This would allow for an even playing field for Telecommunication companies, open the doors for upcoming data providing companies. In retrospect, we could have regulations that allow for better and faster data transfer rates, free Internet to schools and libraries and introduction of VOIP technology and a new telcom market to list a few possibilities.

I must point out as well that the walkout by the opposition can be compared to nothing more than a tantrum fit that one would expect from a toddler. Why are we not seeing any real opposition from all the opposing parties? Where are the aspiring politicians in all this? Everyone bawling that they want to give Belizeans a better Belize, but when the time comes to stand up for Belize, no one takes action. Where are the Advisory Council and the Governor General in all this mess? Have they fallen into the idea that the PM can do with them as he pleases or did they forget what their roles and authority are?

Who has the balls to stand up and fight for the people? Who has the balls to stand up the Dictatorship and say enough is enough? The people need a leader that will stand their ground and fight a steady battle not one that will walk away from the smallest of fights. We need a leader that will look the bull square in the eyes, take it by the horns and wrestle it to the ground.
Changing the laws does not make your actions right, and what happened yesterday is certainly not only wrong but in effect outright lawlessness and illegality at it’s best. We are now living in a time where the politicians seem to be above the law and can do as they please with no remorse for anyone but themselves. It’s fitting that Belizeans all over feel as if they are living in the olden days when Pharaohs ruled the day and their word was bond. Seeing how our political system is heading, we might as well have converted to Dictatorship… I think we have reached that state already…

We are seeing this more and more as the days go by and the end of the ruling term is coming to a close.  Politics in Belize has historically been tied to the wealthy and high-class people who have little to no idea what life is on the other side of the fence. They make their policies on what they think is the best for the majority and in line for the minority which include their financiers, friends, families and cronies to benefit.

For decades this has been the norm in Belize, take from the poor and give to the rich seems to be the daily special but these days it has become more than a simple take a bit of money here and there under the table. Today it’s more along the lines of I’ll gamble the future of the country on a whole to attain my self-righteous plans and endeavors.

Time for us to realize that we can control where our country is heading, we can control how much a politician can do while they are in office. We need to become regulators and keep actively policing and demanding accountability from each and every politician both in office or in opposition.

Listen people, action speaks louder than words and we need to start paying attention to what the political systems are doing more than what they are saying. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; the question is how many of them will actually show you that they mean business and will put their money where their mouth is? Time to stand up and take back control.


: a condition or mental illness that causes people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance.

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