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Top 5

There are so many issues that our Governments have slacked up on over the last several decades. Lots of work has to be done to bring us back from where we are and to start with, I think the top 5 on any Govt’s list should be as follows…

  1. Education -> Better education and assistance from the Govt for those that can’t afford it = a better citizenry. Make it a must that children learn the laws and constitution at a tender age this way they can grow up with it in the back of their minds.
  2. Health-care -> Not much to do with slowing or stopping crime but very important to the future of the citizens.
  3. Crime prevention (Police and Army) -> Better enforcement and benefits for the enrolled will certainly slow inside corruption. We all have to make a living not just the politicians and their cronies. Empowering the force with the proper equipment to fully do their job.
  4. Sports and Recreation -> Give the youths something to do other than being on the streets and thinking criminal thoughts. Give the sport people a chance to excel in that area.
  5. Reform -> No matter how much you change, there is always room for more. I’m not talking about “I will change the people in my office or the party” type of reform. I mean real reform… Things like, instead of making false promises or using fear to win elections; tell the people what your expectations, hopes and aspirations are and be honest with them; revamp your management strategies; include the people in issues that will affect them. I

I sound like a campaign manager right about now so I will stop, but I am fed up with our existing system and am dying to see real changes happen in our country. I long to see changes that will benefit the country and all it’s people, not only the pockets of the politicians and their cronies.


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