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Politics in the Belizean Market…

Actually we are not a democracy. We simply have enough of that system to fool the people. We have more of a Monarchy / Plutocracy system in place. Remember how we started? Only rich people or those with lots of land that only rich people could afford to have were able to take office? See it today?

Politics in Belize is a marketable commodity that can be bought and sold openly in a well understood, but not openly acknowledged marketplace.

This marketplace is often referred to as “corruption” but is rather based on the premise that power should be treated as a commercial commodity and that the Belizean voter is entitled to commercial recompense for their vote or that others can pay politicians to get recompenses once the party is in power. We must refuse multi-level marketing and its consequent commercialization of friendships and family relationships.

We have to believe in One Creator God who made the heavens and the earth and that which is under the earth, and the seas and the rivers and the springs of waters and all that is in them. We have to believe that He did not make this world so it could end up on the stock market.

We have to believe that He made this world to function in love and peace and joy and that God wants a heaven and an earth in which righteousness dwells.

If the whole burden of life is the quest for Mammon then poverty is the equivalent of being lost and in Hell. But if life is the quest for God then poverty is a mere circumstance. If personal value is identical with financial value, then we are simply another marketable commodity with a “net worth”. But if personal value is based on how we reflect the image of God, then we are eternal beings of infinite and enduring value. We have a choice, the Market or the Kingdom, the Dollar or the Truth.

Shall we stand by and allow the sale of all power to the rich and the devouring of this green and beautiful nation by the greedy and powerful? Shall we let this existential moment in the life of the Belizean pass with a shrug of the shoulders? Or shall we say “No!” and say it loudly?

In the Bible, ‘mammon’ is not a demon but simply an Aramaic word meaning ‘wealth’ or ‘property.’


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