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OpenDNS for a faster more secure web experience.

OpenDNS is an online service that offers many features that your ISP will not provide to you through their DNS servers.

As the title states this service will make your web time safer and faster and it’s free. Follow the instructions below to get going.

Here is a quick list of things you will have:

DNS Infrastructure – OpenDNS has datacenters all over the world thus will provide you with robust routing. It is smart enough to route you to it’s closest data-center resulting in faster connection to the sites you visit. It also uses SmartCache, a feature that caches the last know working route to a website so when most people can’t get to a site you will be able to.

Control – You will be able to filter what content gets to and from your computers. You can either allow or block things like P2P, proxies, adult and more and you can block the tools known to bypass most filters. You can whitelist or blacklist up to 25 domains and point these to a particular site of your choosing.

Security – You are protected against phishing attacks and botnets.

Insights and reporting – You can see reports about traffic on your network via detailed charts and statistics, you will have access to the last two weeks of data.

Typo correction – Checks for and corrects the most common typos in top level domains like .com, .net and .org.

Shortcuts – Allows you to create a custom shortcut for a log url by using a short url alias.

Visit and sign up for the free version.

You would want to set this up on your router so you can have better control of what’s happening on your computer/computers. Click on the router icon, select your router manufacturer and follow the instructions.

Visit to see if OpenDNS is working. If there are any issues, it will tell you what to do.

Enjoy your new faster safer web experience.

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