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On the ignorant pursue of offshore oil Exploration and Extraction in Belize

Fire on the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Ho...
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Reports are that the offshore drilling could yield 2.5 Billion dollars a year if the plans go through, that is an estimated 30,120,481.9 Gallons a year based on the current rate of $83.00 and predictions are that the price per gallon will continue to drop.

The thing I keep missing on the news reports is how much they are anticipating the output to be and an estimate how much oil overall they are expecting to get out of the wells.

The argument that keeps coming up is the jobs, the benefits of the money, but from historical data and what we gain by having our barrier reef; I personally believe that there is way more to loose that there is to gain and I know that many agree with me on that.

Belize has no people qualified enough on this matter to make an educated decision, we have no resources to deal with a spill (I say this because as per proven data in the report I wrote up you can see that there is a 100% guarantee that oil and other dangerous by products is released into the water.

All the positive things that are being told to the public has basically been what the oil companies have been telling those involved. I mean seriously, no monkey seh dem pickney ugly and no fisha man seh dem fish stink.

We simply cannot afford for any approvals be granted to start any type of oil extraction and we must cease any and all drilling and seismic tests. We have way too much to loose. Stop the ignorant progress and movement toward a tragic end to our natural resources. We must think about the future not just for us but for the generation of Belizeans yet to come.


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