On Headbangers and Metal Heads

We weren’t going around killing people and doing all the crazy crap that these youths are doing these days. Yes we had our insanity era but we did it positive.

I wish that all the youths were head-bangers instead of gang-bangers listening to that hip-hop/rap crap that pushes crime and violence… Crime to us is not attending a head-banger’s ball and waste your energy head-banging and having a good time with friends over cold drinks..Beavis and Butthead

Fights to us were a no no unless you had no other choice and then we only used our hands and only to proved who the bigger man/woman was.. Once that was done we shook hands or hugged in the case of the females and continued the party. No senseless killing or crime sprees.. We could travel to any place in Belize and were welcomed as brothers not as enemies.

Rock on \m/


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