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My mind on the PM’s statment on Oil drilling

I wonder what’s the opposition parties stance is on what the PM had to say about continuing on the road to destruction with oil drilling?

From his statement I take it that he does not care about the thoughts and ideas of anyone else but those of himself. I wonder if he has done any kind of research himself on the topic that he is so sure Belize needs.

Jules Vasquez “Is there a sufficient risk/reward, being that Belize is priceless non-renewable marine resources could be at risk? In the event of a disaster as has been proven can occur.”
PM Dean Barrow “But we are at risk in the event of natural disaster; we are at risk as a part of the normal process and rhythm of life.”

So he would rather go down the path of taking a more than guaranteed disaster from an oil spill than go with historically proven very low possibility of a disaster by natural means. It’s amazing that one can simply toss aside the respect he should have for the citizens of Belize and their wishes and pleas..

Read my Petition against Offshore Oil Drilling in Belizeon this issue then sign it.

C. G. Glasscock Drilling Company offshore mobi...
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