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Guatemala’s Claim

The first page of the 1783 Treaty of Paris.
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With all the talks of Guatemala’s claim on Belize on the rise again. I would like to ask why is it that we have not asked Guatemala to put something on the table that they can loose. I mean it’s only fair; we have a country and a people to lose, they have nothing to lose but everything to gain.


  1. Why do the people dealing with this issue simply not ask for them to put something on the table as well?
  2. If our Independence has been accepted by the world, why is Guatemala still fighting for our lands?
  3. Why is it that the many times this issue has been active, it has been mostly under the UDP administration?

I know many will say that Guatemala’s claim is based on Spain’s records but historical facts show that Spain did not even occupy Belizean territory and had no interests in it but considered it part of her Central American territories, such as Mexico and Guatemala.

I for one do not want to have to change my nationality to Guatemalan, I refuse to do it. I am Belizean and want to remain as such.

Ya da FiWeBelize, Ya da FiWeBelize, Ya da FiWeBelize… Belize forever more!

Tell Guatemala leave FiWeBelize alone, we are independent and we must be on wih own.

In the Treaty of Paris (signed in 1763), Spain vaguely accepted that they had no right over Belizean territory but it apparently was not specific enough.

If and when we go to the referendum to argue again with Guatemala, we force them to put up something to loose as well or know their role and shut the hell up. They know they have no claim on Belize, but they keep pushing the issue because they know our leaders are weak and keep playing their games.

I say we have them put up some of their country and if we win we get it. Belize has everything to loose, a country and it’s people; Guatemala has nothing to loose and everything to gain, why would they not keep pushing the issue?

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to Guatemala and see this on the border billboards?

3 thoughts on “Guatemala’s Claim”

  1. Yeah right, you’re gonna get Peten. Fuck you, man. Your whole country belongs to us, we’re generous and we’re letting you keep half of it. Keep in mind, we’ll get it sooner or later. If not with the referendum, there are other means. By neglecting the referendum, you’re just letting this issue fester. You don’t have to change your nationality to Guatemalan, you can just fuck off to the rest of Belize. Trust me, we just want the land, not the people.

    1. Are you that un-educated that you can’t have a conversation without insults and running around spreading things you are told by your elites without providing proof?

      I would suggest you start to research the history behind this part of the world and stop allowing yourself to be brainwashed by the people that kill you all off.

  2. mexico supports you belize those niggers from shittymla are coming into chiapas contaminated our mexico with his illegal rats and illegal gangsters mexico always supports belize on every situation

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